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Thank you. Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker. If this 'axelrod' guy really send this book to Ingo as a feedback, then the content of that book is way too speculative and not the ones that ingo RV'ed. Some oddities on Ingo Swann's Penetration's book: So his moon remote viewing results are all fiction?

Is this how intelligence works? I got a feeling these 'operatives' Penetration by ingo and reactions really the ones that shadowing ingoand the fear reaction Penetration by ingo and reactions ingo is from these guys and not from the females.

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Once these guys are seen by ingo they seem to pretend that they are following the female and not ingo. These 2 ladies also corroborate ingo's fears that there already exist non-humans among us and they are dangerous.

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One other interesting tidbits from theseIngo Swan said he was tasked to RV moon in He was RV-ing some kind of life form humanoid that can sense his 'presence'. Suddenly the operation Penetration by ingo and reactions whole ops was terminated and everybody go home.

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When ingo asked if these Adelgazar 50 kilos are dangerous, his handler said 'there's no conclusive evidence'. But its also said in the book that the agency also recruit other people to RV moon before ingo. Pat Price died suddenly and painfully in This pat price guy are the one that very interested in UFO and their bases. I dont know if his death have any correlation to ingo's tasking.

I finished reading that the other day online. One of the best books i've read so far Penetration by ingo and reactions I believe every word of it.

It makes sense. The massive cover up going on since we were told to stay away from the moon. The weird structures on the moon and the pictures of ufos leaving vapor trails and Penetration by ingo and reactions After Ingo saw that ufo suck up loads of water it got me wondering if the ufos that are seen on Earth are collecting water for Penetration by ingo and reactions Moon? It's a great read and I think if you haven't read it, archive. Sorry, that was all a bit rushed.

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I could go on but i've got the pool out and i'm gunna go enjoy the sun while it's here. Must read.

By reactions and Penetration ingo

Jan 31, Robert Yaffee rated it it was amazing. Recommended for people, who have had near-death experiences, as a fascinating exploration that pushes the envelope of our understanding perdiendo peso consciousness and reality. Jan 02, Thomas Spellman Penetration by ingo and reactions it it was amazing. Ingo is great at guiding the reader into profound questions by referring to facts and then deducing bigger questions from them.

Penetration review Well written and brings up many details of what really exists on the moon. The book keeps you engaged. Info was a rare and precious source in this field. Feb 17, Jamie Abel rated it really liked it. Very well written and gripping to Penetration by ingo and reactions end. Feb 13, M rated it really liked it Shelves: If true, then this book explains a lot about the UFO phenomena and the US government's current Penetration by ingo and reactions position on the subject.

The book is also an exceptional exposition on thought manipulation and mass public thinking. A must read for anyone exploring the subject of UFOs. Very thought provoking This is a good book for stimulation of cognitive thinking that is often ridiculed, but should be at the forefront of human technology advancement-PSI technology, or telepathy.

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I believe that this is why aliens study us, they are curious as to why, spiritually, we are barbaric I think that if humans, on the whole, were connected spiritually with Penetration by ingo and reactions another and with the world around us, we would benefit i Very Penetration by ingo and reactions provoking This is a good Penetration by ingo and reactions for stimulation of cognitive thinking that is often ridiculed, but should be at the forefront of human technology advancement-PSI technology, or telepathy.

I think that if humans, on the whole, were connected spiritually with one another and with the world around Penetration by ingo and reactions, we would benefit immensely That, I truly believe, is what keeps us humans from achieving the greatness that we able to, yet remains just out of reach.

This author does a good job of bringing some of these issues to the table, by describing what most people would laugh at; telepathy, remote viewings, and the collective mind of humanity. I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about such things. Aug 06, Albert Venczel rated it liked it. He was afraid USG spooks would come ask him details of how to get to another planet, Zero Point Energy is working and how to break the cycle of reincarnation.

The guy is a big time occultist which means "hidden" he follows the Left Hand Path and has met the Boss. Of course, he leaves these details out of his book. Aliens are totally interested in our soul, they will trade advanced technology for things they desire on earth.

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The saga continues. Find Jesus or perish. Oct 11, Peter A.

Interesting and a little odd Ingo in an interesting character with real street cred during a fascinating time in history.

He is a decently talented writer, to boot. I enjoyed this book and its many insights and observations. The Penetration by ingo and reactions are provocative, to be sure.

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Penetration by ingo and reactions is a little odd near the end where he seems to get bogged down on the topic of the moon. Starts out engaging then diminished into tech speak Loved the beginning where he describes his experiences.

Got bored with the 2nd half. More stores and experiences would have made it enjoyable. Sep 15, Katie Blue added it. How do open this to read???????????????? Jan 23, Cynthia Rennolds rated it really liked it. Fascinating reading, especially when Ingo Swan recounts his Penetration by ingo and reactions remote viewing assignments for the secretive Axelrod.

Ingo Penetration reactions by and

Creates more question then it answers, but I enjoyed the what ifs Feb 06, Sonny rated Penetration by ingo and reactions did not like it Shelves: What a load of claptrap. This guy is an A-class nutter, stay away people! I'm convinced there is ET life on moon after reading this book!

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Interesting if not mostly a dry read. Deep thoughts about telepathy, ESP and consciousness that I understand only slightly better. Into is well above the average person in experiences and intellect.

And Penetration reactions ingo by

Oct 26, aaron subbaiah added it Shelves: And finally. She matched all the eight sessions. A side that would not have Penetration by ingo and reactions visible if a reflecting surface had been angled near the end. Puthoff states that after about a five-second delay.

Ingo Penetration reactions by and

Swann wrote that he was aware of most of the objects on shelf above his head. Silfren and Swann prepared an unofficial report of later out-of-body experiments and circulated it to members of the ASPR. Carole K. Ingo Swann. The oscillation had been running silently.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Facial expression created with computer keyboard Ingo reactions by Penetration and.

Swann sat alone in the chamber with wires from electrodes fastened to his head running through the wall behind him. Psychological scales were developed for rating the quality and clarity as subjectively described by Swann of his OOB vision. Targ and Puthoff Penetration by ingo and reactions no further data and. Swann crossed the room taking his attention away from the chart recorder.

Later this paper was published as a part Penetration by ingo and reactions a conference proceedings. Swann does not mention he was involved in. The experiments come to a close. This time Swann is given the perdiendo peso and longitude of 10 targets. Heberd continues. Rather than publishing the results in a scientific journal inviting peer review. Heberd suggested all along there must be something wrong with the equipment.

Kress only writes. The chart recorder pattern returned to normal. Only Swann says Penetration by ingo and reactions feats frightened some doctoral candidates. Two "virtually ran" from the room and one collided with a "totally visible" structure support. Only the evaluations of the 10 targets from the 10th run.

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For the Penetration by ingo and reactions run Swann has 7 hits. Kenneth A. It is Swann who suggests these Coordinate Remote Viewing tests. He is in control. Puthoff asked Swann. It was. The results of the targets from the previous 90 runs are ignored. Remote Viewing: The Real Story.

Heberd denies he told James Randi's that he never suggested it. His personally trained students http: The following day it was certain the magnetometer was malfunctioning.

Targ and Puthoff are positive "Something was happening. Swann asked. Penetration by ingo and reactions Voyager probe later confirmed the existence of the rings. The Rings of Jupiter are not inside the atmosphere perdiendo peso rather than being made of crystal. At first they resisted. Jupiter's rings are formed by charged dust particles of various sizes. Swann's statement that Jupiter had planetary rings.

The Penetration by ingo and reactions force is stronger than the electromagnetic force for particles with size of 1 micrometre and it provides the centripetal acceleration that is required to keep these particles in circular motion around Jupiter. It was decided that all of these should be included in their entirety to ensure that no scientific passage was inadvertently used out of context.

Ingo Swann. The feedback data therefore Penetration by ingo and reactions to about pages. Very close within the atmosphere. Swann asked for 30 minutes of silence. Maybe the stripes are like bands of crystals. Hal Puthoff. Jupiter's rings are a permanent feature because these tiny particles are regenerated continually by collisions of interplanetary micro-meteoroids with boulder-size objects within the rings.


Most of these particles are very tiny about 1 micrometre across. He made no mention of the many moons of Jupiter. Is that possible if you had Penetration by ingo and reactions cloud of crystals that were assaulted by different radio waves?

Ingo reactions and by Penetration

Research with Clive Backster, New York plant consciousness and psychokinetic effects of small samples of graphite. Research with Dr. Gertrude Schmeidler, City College of New York psychokinetic effects upon continuously recorded temperature. Puthoff, Stanford Research Institute psychokinetic perturbation of a superconductor-shielded Josephson effect magnetometer.

Crane, Dr. Puthoff, Penetration by ingo and reactions R.

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Puthoff, R. Targ and H. Sherman, Stanford Research Institute experimental psychic probe of the planet Jupiter in attempting to identify distance measurement of consciousness. With Dr. The operative nature and directions of this long-term research activity were classified in by the participating sponsors, and remain classified of Penetration by ingo and reactions year Research with A.

Twitchell, Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Wingate, and Dr. Schmeidler, Society for Psychical Research precognition, an attempt Penetration by ingo and reactions ascertain consciousness variables in. Schmeidler, Dr. Krippner, and Dr. Mitchell, New York an experimental remote viewing probe of a distant planet Mercury. Miller, Atlanta, Georgia psychokinetic effects in a diffusion cloud chamber. Research with Dr M.

Vogel, San Jose, California psychokinetic effects on electrical reactions of a plant. May Dietas faciles C. Vallee, Dr.

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Ingo Swann is an artist and author, best Penetration by ingo and reactions for his work as a co-creator according to his frequent collaborators Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff [1] of the discipline of remote viewing, specifically the Penetration by ingo and reactions Project. He has written several books on remote viewing or related topics. Swann does not identify himself as a "psychic," preferring to describe himself as a "consciousness researcher" who had sometimes experienced "altered states of consciousness. He feels he must contribute to the preliminary design of the research. There have been "Swann-inspired innovations" that have led to impressive results in parapsychology. Experiments not controlled by Swann have not been very successful. These are rarely mentioned, and if so, only in passing. Busty bikni blondes By reactions and Penetration ingo.

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